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Developer Diaries

World Closure Announcement

We will begin the transfer process by opening the test world, Bullroarer, for character copy. We will then open transfers between the 10 remaining worlds.

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World Transfers

We are finally ready to reveal the details on the new World Transfer process, the consolidation of LOTRO's worlds, and their movement to a brand new data center. We appreciate your patience as we have worked to make the new transfer process as well-rounded, simple, and effortless as possible. The first part of this article will discuss our timeline and the second part will go over the details of the new transfer features themselves. So grab a goblet of Elvish Wine and kick back, because this will be a long one.

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Cosmetic Weapons

Cosmetically equipping weapons is a natural extension of the existing outfit system and we’ve wanted to do it for years. The cosmetic-only items (such as rolling pins and frying pans) you can get aren’t nearly as fun without the ability to use them cosmetically while equipping a real weapon.

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Episodic Content Developer Diary

The release of a major update is incredibly exciting for us (a.nd I hope for you as well!), but over the past few years we found ourselves wondering if there were ways to maintain that excitement level even between updates.

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Nouveau groupe d'instances

Nous avons bien compris le message. Nous l'avons compris avec la Mise à jour 14, lorsque vous avez désossé la Couronne de Tarlang, et au sujet des menaces itinérantes, et en réponse à l'instance pour communauté complète de La reconquête de Pelargir.

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Neue Instanzengruppe

Wir haben Euch gehört. Laut und deutlich. Wir haben Euch schon nach Update 14 gehört, als Ihr Tarlangs Krone gestürmt habt, und als wir die umherziehenden Bedrohungen eingeführt haben und auch, als Ihr uns Feedback zu „Rückeroberung von Pelargir“ für komplette Gefährtengruppen gegeben habt. Wir haben es verstanden: Ihr wollt es „schwieriger“.

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